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Large Blue Butterfly Fiber Art

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The largest and the rarest

The Large Blue butterfly (Maculina arion) was first recorded in Great Britain in 1795 and, even then, was considered a rare insect.

This distinctive butterfly, from the Lycaenidae family, became extinct in 1979, but has been reintroduced successfully; it is still globally endangered and a priority species under the UK Biodiversity Plan.

What an unusual life cycle it has!
The parasitic larvae spend most of the year within the nests of red ants (Myrmica sabuleti), where they feed on ant grubs, thus their existence depends on this ant species. Of course, conservation efforts focus as much on the ants as on the Large Blue itself.

A bit larger than the other ‘blues’, as the name suggests, its wingspan is from 38 to 44 cm. That’s still quite small, so I’ve made this textile version bigger, all the better to be noticed and admired.

Product Description:

Made from linen and silk fabrics which are layered, machine- and hand-embroidered onto a cotton backing, this Large Blue brooch has a wingspan of 4 inches and is 3.25 inches high. (10 x 8 cm) There’s a brooch clasp sewn onto the back, so he’s ready to be pinned to your jacket, coat, scarf or bag to be shown off. Delivered with a handmade drawstring bag for safekeeping.

Join me in donating!
Three euros from the sale of each Large Blue will be donated to Butterfly Conservation, UK. (approx £2.25, $3.25) Independent donations to this organization will be matched by the Landfill Communities Fund; each £1 donation is matched by £10 from the LCF.

A gorgeous reminder that it is possible to help butterflies and moths if we act together.

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