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White Ermine Moth Brooch Spilosoma lubricipeda

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Childhood summernight.

Chunks of fudgesicle melting on your hot tongue.
Pungent citronella-candle smell hovering around the porch, whose railing dripped color from tiny twinkle lights.
Porch light glowing a relaxed dim-yellow in keeping with the after-dinner mood.
Beyond, the garden enveloped in muggy-blue night.

From here they would come, your beloved night butterflies, cloaked in ermine, flitting, resting, fluttering away.

The white ermine moth, Spilosoma lubricipeda, of the family Erebidae : milky white, golden yellow-orange, and black spotted, wearing its royal mantle.

This one is a brooch, to wear your love on your sleeve...lapel, scarf, or collar.

Product details:

Crafted from velvety upholstery fabric remnants, fake fur, careful embroidery.
Wingspan 4 inches (10cm) x 2 inches (5cm) + 1 inch ( 2.5cm) antennae
Brooch clasp on the underside of the body.
Arrives with a handmade drawstring bag for safe keeping.

Furry, feathered, fleecy, just as you remember them from those childhood summer evenings.

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