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Black Widow spider leaf brooches set of two arachnida jewelry

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Spiders can trigger terror, turning you into Little Miss Muffet in an instant.

Yet there are many positive associations and beliefs about spiders, once you get past the initial repulsion.

According to 17th century folklore in the US, if you kill a spider that is on your clothing, you destroy the gifts it is weaving for you.

The origins of this belief perhaps come from the UK, where a very common spider, known as the money spider (Family: Linyphilidae) is said to bring good fortune to those it lands upon.

While the Black Widow is venomous, and no one would want to give a real one a ride on her blouse, I've made this hand-embroidered spider on her  leaf just for you, a spider lover (even if from afar). Wear her on your clothing as a brooch or in your hair as a hair clip.


Product Description:

Layers of fabrics and embroidery will enchant you. A leaf of sumptuous silk/polyester blend, with felt, machine-embroidered veins, with a deadly black widow spider and more details hand-embroidered over this, plus  wire stems to add a realistic touch. Another more elongated leaf (with no spider) completes the set: wear them separately or together. Brooch clasp or alligator clip sewn onto the back.


Rounded leaf with spider – 3.5” x 1.75” including stem (9 x 4 cm)

Elongated leaf – 4.5” x 1.5” including stem (11 x 3.5 cm)

Your choice:  2 brooches, 2 hair clips or 1 brooch + 1 clip.

If you would like 1 brooch + 1 hair clip, I’ll make the leaf with the spider a brooch and the elongated leaf a hair clip. Please contact me at if you’d like this reversed. (Large leaf hair clip + small leaf brooch)

This industrious little creature, weaving positive vibes and good fortune into every beautiful web, is not just for Hallowe’en.

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