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Butterfly Brooch Soft Sculpture Malabar Tree Nymph Entomology Jewelry

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You needn’t be a lepidopterist to capture a rare species!


...when you could watch them for hours, fascinated as they fluttered, settled and effortlessly flew off again?

...when you were eager to learn more about these creatures of the magical transformation, field guide in hand on warm summer strolls? Butterfly identification chart tacked to the wall over your desk, framed butterfly collection which you spent countless hours meticulously preparing (and which has been hiding in your parents’ attic all these years)?

Unless you grew up in the south of India, you may not have come across this one: Idea malabarica, the Malabar Tree Nymph butterfly, a large butterfly of the family Nymphalidae.

Product Description:
Scraps of satin and linen have been meticulously hand-sewn onto the off-white satin wings of this intricately marked butterfly, edges are machine stitched, all on a felt backing for sturdiness.

Wingspan 5" and 2.5" high, just about life-sized. (12 x 6 cm)

With an exotic butterfly resting on your sleeve, lapel or scarf, there’s no telling how far you’ll travel (even if only in your imagination!)

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