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Fiber Art Sculpture Jewel Beetle Natural History Inspired

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The secret life of Mr Jewel Beetle.

He has no idea that he and his kin are highly prized by insect collectors because of their shiny colors and intricate patterns. He is unaware that insect collecting was a fashionable hobby in the Victorian era. And he would be greatly distressed if he learned that beetle wings (elytra) are used in jewelry making.

No, Mr Jewel Beetle (Order: Coleoptera, Family: Buprestidae) as it happens, goes about his daily life quite oblivious to his reputation in certain circles.

He would enthusiastically become a part of your collection, if it doesn’t mean pulling off his wings, or pinning him to a display board. He’d be content in your own cabinet of curiosities, or even left to freely roam about your home. He would most definitely elicit admiration from your guests and a smile from you each time you glance his way.

Product Description:
He's made from silk scraps and cotton upholstery fabric. His legs are fashioned from wire and floral tape, he has glass bead eyes. Polyfil stuffing.

He measures 4.5" long x 1.75"wide and stands approx 2" high. (11 x 4 x 5 cm)
His leaf measures 6.5" x 5" (16 x 13 cm)

For the modern collector.


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