Pierrettte Butterfly PDF pattern & tutorial

Pierrette woke up early one morning and realized she had wings.

The last thing she recalled was her plump body mounted on stubby legs which carried her along her cabbage leaf all day long. Steadily munching, crunching those gorgeous savory green leaves. There was a whole garden of them, enough for her and all her siblings, a seemingly never-ending supply of sustenance.

But today, she felt different.

She had wings, not two but four, she could see them slowly fluttering behind her. She was draped in a milky white cloak.
What happened last night? She’d fallen asleep feeling full and perhaps a little sleepier than usual…

Read on to see if you’re ready to share in Pierrette’s adventures, make your own Pierrette, and compose the rest of her story.

Is this pattern for me, you're wondering?

This is a downloadable pdf pattern which requires a sewing machine, enough sewing experience to be comfortable with straight and zigzag stitching on curves (confident beginner), and enough curiosity to want to learn how to make a wire armature for the body.

What does the pdf pattern include?

Supplies & tools list.
Full sized pattern pieces for making two fabric butterflies, Pieris brassicae, male and female 5x2.75 inch/13x7 cm.
Clear step-by-step instructions with color photos.
Links to a video demonstrating the body construction.
You will receive 2 pdf files of approx about 19 MB.

Do I have to print out all the pages?

Absolutely not! If you love trees and do not want to print multiple pages, this is for you! You just need to print out the two pattern piece pages plus the size guide and then you can follow the instructions on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet as you sew.

Will I have to purchase fabric and specific tools?

Very little fabric is required so you may have some fabric scraps you can use. I used scraps of black linen and white satin plus stiff cotton for backing. You’ll need some iron-on interfacing for stiffening, a Frixion pen for marking, and 26-28 gauge wire (or a pipe cleaner) for the body plus wire cutters from your toolkit. You’ll also need embroidery needles and floss plus other basic sewing tools you probably have. Optional: a brooch clasp and/or jump rings if you’d like to make your butterfly into a brooch or hang it on the wall.

How will I be able to use my butterflies once they are finished?

There are so many possibilities! Instructions are given for attaching a brooch clasp or a ring for hanging. The moths you make could also be displayed in shadow boxes, hung as mobiles, or framed.

… and today, Pierrette felt agile and unfettered. No longer leaf-bound. She smelled the flowers through her antennae, sipped delectable nectar as if through a straw, rode the breeze flawlessly.

The rest of the tale is up to you!

As soon as your payment clears, your files will be available for download: no waiting, no wondering, no bother.

**This pattern is for private use only and cannot be reproduced or sold.


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