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It’s a sunlit June afternoon for you, no matter where you go, no matter what the season.

Remember how it all began? When you felt safely cradled by Mother Nature?

Allow yourself to journey back to the wonder of childhood – without the homework or curfews.

Clip a fabric insect into your hair, clasp a butterfly necklace around your neck and suddenly, you’re back to those untroubled summer days of childhood. Bees whirring by your ear. Mouthwatering drops of honeysuckle nectar on your hopeful tongue. The rise and fall of the cicada song. A splash of buttercup yellow under your friend’s chin. The evening air filled with firefly glow.

I reconstruct those memories for you, right in my workroom.


Engagingly elegant fabric leftovers combine with threads in zesty colors. A few inches of venerable antique lace and just a thimbleful of ambrosial glass beads join with trims, some serene, some sassy, to perfect. Field guide photos and illustrated artist plates contribute authenticity. And poetic license is always invited.

All the realistic charm you can stand. No buzz, whir or sting. I promise.

A leafy hairband of oak, fig or fern calls has all eyes on your hair. A shimmery green jacquard cicada brooch perches on your shoulder. An endangered Karner Blue butterfly (identified and named by none other than Nabokov himself) adorns your neck because, like Nabokov, who was distinguished as both novelist and lepidopterist, you love detail, reflection and symmetry equally.

You wear these to work, to the annual charity banquet, to your best friend’s garden party, or to your niece’s birthday bash. To accentuate your beauty.

Reveal your own rare beauty – complete metamorphosis not necessary. Just the right details.

What’s that saying about beauty being painful? It may or may not be true, but surely the earth doesn’t have to suffer.

You know our big blue planet isn’t disposable, that’s why you’re playing for keeps.

When I was eight, my pop-pop presented me with a manilla folder, telling me there was a treasure inside. I pulled out a few 8×11″ color prints of the earth taken from space. The photos shot by the crew of Apollo 8 only a few months earlier, as they discovered our planet from an unfamiliar vantage point. A treasure indeed. These were the very first photos looking over the pale bumpy surface of the moon towards our brilliant blue marble hanging against a curtain of black.

That’s why I’m a seamstress and maker, fixer and mender, an avid gatherer of fabric remnants and scraps.
These days, you’ll often find me hunting for sumptuous upholstery leftovers at one of the many tapissiers here in Lyon, France and toting my rescued gems back home by the bagful.

Investing in a handmade textile butterfly means you’re helping to keep heaps upon heaps of decorator fabric from ending up in the landfill.Together, we can reduce waste. We know our earth is not a dustbin.

Discover butterfly collecting from a fresh perspective.

No equipment required. No harm done.

I’m Laura Jacquemond, an American artist living in France. I’d love to talk butterflies (and other insects) with you! Sign up for free monthly updates, just below.


Simply wonderful! It seems to be a real butterfly!”  Anita, Italy

Thank you Laura! This little cicada is absolutely beautiful, and such a fun piece of textile art.”  Rita, Texas, USA

This is a wonderful piece of art! I am happy every time I look at it, and I so much appreciate the great communication and fast overseas shipping.”  Arianne, Illinois, USA

Every time I wear my stunning Luna moth I am complimented from the moment I leave home until I return.”  Nina, USA

Adore my moth. A real work of art that I will wear for many years to come.”  Maria, ACT, Australia

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