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Golden Bumblebee Textile Soft Sculpture

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Sleepy and golden, this captures the texture of summer.

You heard them before you saw them. As you passed your mom’s lilac bush in the front yard. There they were droning in the warm drowsy afternoon air. Often you’d stop and study the stout fuzzy yellow and black bodies, wings whirring as they hovered near the sweet flowers.

You had to watch out for the intrusive yellow jackets, who constantly invaded your peanut butter sandwich and iced tea picnics on the grass with your friends, but the velvety bumblebees held no such threat. You could get close to them, let your guard down, and relax to the hypnotic buzz and hum.

Handmade golden summer bumble bee --velvety upholstery fabric and yellow cotton (cut from sample catalogs), gauzy fabric wings (taken from curtain remnants), black linen, wire legs, embroidery floss antennae, golden thread details, shiny glass bead eyes, polyfil stuffing. A reminder of summer.

Measures approx 2.75 inches long and 1.75 inches wide (6.5 x 3.5cm). Stands 1.75 inches high (4cm) and legs are adjustable, wings pivot.

• Keep your treasured summer memories close by.

The bee in gold & black striped velvet has sold out.

One available in golden velvet.

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