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Textile Coleoptera Sculpture Beetle handmade from silk and linen

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Afraid of bugs? Or are you an insect lover? Either way, invite this handmade fabric beetle into your home; he doesn't bite or make noise and he's beautiful!

Head, pronotum and elytra in shiny fabrics, simulating the tough exoskeleton, six upholstery fabric legs, bead eyes, a linen underside make this beetle, in the order of Coleoptera, a whimsical and rather unusual addition to your home decor.

This is a smaller version of my beetle pillows, the body measuring 7" long and 6" wide. (18 x 15 cm)

Stuffed with polyfil.

Although this isn't a specific beetle, and not meant to be a scientific representation, I was very inspired by the iridescent beetles that live almost everywhere in the world (except Antarctica) and can be found in many colors, textures and patterns.

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