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Silver Silk Bun Wrap, Botanical Hair Accessory

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Are you afflicted with “pteridomania” ?

Ferns dwell in every room of your home and you still frequently welcome in new specimens.

Addicted and adoring, you go weak in the knees before a festive fern.

Product Description:

This leaf is fashioned from a remnant of silver silk, backed with felt for sturdiness, sprinkled with shimmering sequins, embellished with gray and silver metallic threads. Shiny silver cord extends from both ends, just enough to tie round your bun.

Leaf measures 6.5 inches (17cm) in length and is 2.25 inches (5cm) at the widest point.
The cord extends 11 inches (28cm) from each end of the leaf.
Total length: 29 inches (73cm).

Please note: this accessory is not long enough to wrap round your head as a headband.

If you’re in the throes of fern fever, another fern may be the only cure.

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