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Luna Moth Brooch Entomology Jewelry Last one

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Re-discover the magic of butterflies (and moths!)

They remind you of happy summers when you were little. They made a walk in the countryside a magical event. You watched them for hours. Sketched them in your notebook. Colored them in your “Butterflies of the World” coloring book using many crayons of your much-loved box of 64 Crayolas.

Just like your first experience with the wondrous. Your child-eyes focusing on all the stunning colors and patterns the world offered up.

And they still make you smile today!

Product Description:
This Luna moth Actias luna can be worn as a brooch and she’ll also find a place in your home as a soft sculpture. She’s stitched and sculpted from green silk, hand and machine embroidered, backed with upholstery fabric cotton. She’s got the long elegant tails of a Saturniid moth (that’s her family), a furry body made of fake fur, feathery antennae. Brooch clasp on the back.
Wingspan 5”, 4.5” high. Near life-sized.

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