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Tropical Moth Brooch fiber art Euchromia horsfieldi

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All you had to do was open the box…
Ideas and inspiration poured out.

The butterflies were the most fun to draw and color.

Think back to carefully drawing the contours in your spiral-bound drawing pad, adding the intricate markings and coloring in the shapes. Bright orange, yellow and black for the Monarch, green-yellow for the wings of the Luna moth.

Remember meticulously coloring the specimens in your “Exotic Butterflies and Moths” coloring book: burnt-sienna and mahogany for the Atlas moth, red-orange and metallic silver (for the glistening spots on the wings) on the little Metalmark, and ahhhh, the cerulean wings of the blue Morpho!

Sometimes you would even cut around the edges, liberating your butterfly from the constraints of the page.
The perfect birthday card for mom!

Your box of 64 Crayolas was more than a box of crayons.
Which butterflies did you bring to life with yours?

Product Description:
Instead of crayons, I’ve used fabrics and embroidery thread to render this moth: blue-green thread and yellow-orange fabric bits join with black linen for this striking moth from Indonesia: Euchromia horsfieldi. The plump body is entirely hand-stitched and embroidered, the small wings are machine sewn, backed with felt for sturdiness. Antennae, in feather-like fiber, are stiffened with textile glue.

Wingspan 5" (12.5 cm) and 3.5" high (8.5cm). Brooch clasp on the underside.

Pin a butterfly to your fall jacket, thick sweater, knitted scarf or winter coat and summon up the colors of your childhood.

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