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Blue Mud Dauber Hand Embroidered Sew-on Patch

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Non-aggressive. Solitary. Slayer of black widows.

Definitely not a picnic-crasher.

This wasp is easy to love.

You already know
• that wasps, like bees, are crucial to pollination
• that their numbers are dwindling (they have that in common with bees too)
• that solitary wasps contribute to pest control which makes them gardeners’ little helpers
• that their graceful beauty is unparalleled in the insect world

(ok, I made that last one up. Maybe you prefer the rosy roundness of the ladybug, or the flitting and darting of the dragonfly)

Product Description

For you, here is a sew-on patch featuring the blue mud dauber (Chalybion californicum), metallic blue wasp, feared by black widow spiders.

Hand-embroidered on vintage linen in the stumpwork fashion, with cotton and metallic threads, tiny and varied seed beads along the edge, backed with wool felt, your patch is ready to be stitched on to your jacket, cape, mantle, cloak, frock or any ensemble that you’d like to metamorphose according to your own peculiar taste and singular style.

Measures 3 inches in diameter (7.5 cm).

Join me in donating!
2 euros for each wasp patch sold will be donated to The Nature Conservancy, whose work includes protection of habitats in order to “preserve the diversity of life on Earth.”

This one won’t plunder your picnic!


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