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Embroidered hydrangea brooch

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Hydrangea, from Greek, meaning water vessel.

The hydrangea, a highly regarded garden shrub today, has flowers ranging from deepest blue to light pink, depending on the acidity of the soil in which it grows. In the Victorian era, smaller varieties of hydrangeas were kept in pots as indoor plants.

 In folklore, it is associated with gratitude, abundance and even boastfulness!

Product Description:

This embroidered hydrangea is a mix of floss in varying blues for the flowers, greens for the leaves, accented with metallic silver and green for a bit of shine. The main fabric is linen, the backing is felt, plus a stiffening layer between the two for sturdiness.

Two brooch clasps will fix this brooch to your coat, cape, jacket, cloak or other garment of your choice.

Brooch measures 4 inches high and 3.5 inches wide. (10 x 9 cm)

A bouquet of blooms in pleasing blues just for you!

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