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Ground Beetle Brooch Carabidae hand embroidered entomology jewelry

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Help wanted. Natural pest control expert. Night shift preferred.

May I present to you the ground beetle, family: Carabidae. Various species of this nocturnal predacious beetle eat snails and slugs, as well as aphids and other pest insects, providing your garden with natural pest control, while you sleep. During the day they can be found under logs, stones or leaves.

While many are brown or black, some others have fine grooves in their shiny elytra.

Here is a shiny bright green specimen for you to wear, which I’ve hand-embroidered using cotton and metallic threads onto vintage linen, and encased in an oval gold tone metal brooch frame.

Frame measures 2" x 1.5" (50 x 36 mm)

You'll receive the beetle brooch pictured in photos 1-3. Photos 4 & 5 show the beetle with other beetles from the collection.

These beetles are around all year, hibernating during the coldest months.
So, in winter, if you don’t see any ground beetles, no worries, they are sleeping in your garden shed and will be back on duty come spring.



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