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Magical Scarab Beetle soft sculpture vintage fabrics

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Perhaps the ancient Egyptians were on to something.

Your fascination with ancient Egyptian life and myths hasn't faded a bit since you were ten. You can still feel the 100 pounds of library books on ancient Egypt tugging on the shoulder straps of your backpack as you trekked home from the library one warm spring afternoon. The book about Tutankhamon your parents gave you for your birthday that you treasure even today. Your first visit to the Egyptian collection at the Met. Yep, you're smitten.

The sacred scarab, rolling its dung ball behind it, held a kind of magic for the Egyptians.
It was the mirror image of the sun god Ra, rolling the disc of the sun across the sky each day.
Symbolizing creation and rebirth.

Invite one into your home. He takes a prominent position in the front room welcoming visitors.

He fuels more than one conversation from his vantage point on your mantelpiece. From his ancient Egyptian references to his textile origins.


Product Description:

Venerable vintage fabrics (circa 1960s) in green and gold, their metallic threads lending a subtle lustre: little sparkling creatures. Hand-worked wire legs wrapped in linen scraps, faceted glass bead eyes, polyfil inside.

Body measures 2.5" x 1.75"  stands 1.5" high (7 x 4.5 x 3 cm)

Delivered with his very own leaf, pictured in the photos.

Three ceramic scarab beads are also included.

Whether you showcase him in a cabinet or on your shrine, or let him roam freely through your home - - -

- - - this one is the GEM of your collection.

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