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Death's Head Hawk Sphinx moth textile brooch

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Add a dramatic detail to your outfit for that special (or everyday) occasion. This death's head hawk moth will be a conversation starter!

Some tips for that conversation:
  •  Latin name, Acherontia Atropos (I can't pronounce it either!)
  •  Native to the Mediterranean area, the Middle East and Africa
  •  Because of that skull pattern on its thorax, some see it as unlucky, or a bad omen
  •  It is harmless to people, but does raid beehives for honey
  •  It has been featured in literature: Bram Stoker's Dracula, Poe's The Sphinx, and Keats mentions the moth in Ode to Melancholy
  •  It is the moth on the promotional posters for the movie The Silence of the Lambs

Product details:
  •  wingspan 5" and 3" high.
  •  made from textured cotton upholstery fabric, linen and satin
  •  body markings in fabric paint
  •  body stuffed with polyfil
  •  antennae in embroidery floss
  •  metal brooch clasp under one wing
  •  removable ribbon for hanging while you're not wearing it

Wear this to your next event, and you'll have lots to talk about

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