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Adonis morpho fiber art brooch

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Remember when…

…you first encountered this tropical species in your ‘Exotic Butterflies of the World’ coloring book?

Which crayon did you use to render those shimmering blue wings?

Presenting the Adonis morpho ( Morpho adonis) named for the Greek god of beauty.

Product Description:

Pieces of blue silk and black linen, silk and cotton floss, meticulous machine stitching and heedful hand embroidery come together in this textile version of the neo tropical butterfly.

Wingspan: 11cm/4 inches; Height: 7cm/ 2.75 inches.

There’s a brooch clasp on the underside, turning this blue beauty into a piece of jewelry you’ll wear for many years to come.

Delivered with a handmade drawstring bag.

 Join me in donating:

2 euros for each one sold will be donated to The Nature Conservancy, whose work includes protection of habitats in order to “ preserve the diversity of life on Earth.”

John Muir, naturalist and conservationist, founder of the Sierra Club said,

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”



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