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Blood Vein moth brooch or hairclip Textile Jewelry

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Delicately cream colored, embellished with a bold red diagonal line, pink border on the lower edges.

Such are the wings of  the blood vein moth, named for the red line crossing the wings, the color of blood, the shape of a vein.

Timandra comae, of the Geometridae family, lives in southern England and Wales, in Central Europe north of the Alps.

Geometer moths, from the Greek geo (earth) and metron (measure), are named for the movement of the caterpillar, which appears to measure its journey on the earth, advancing with a looping movement.

The little inchworm of your childhood.

Product Description:

Made from upholstery fabric remnants, machine embroidered vein and contour. Speckled with tiny hand-embroidered French knots in tones of red, pink and gray. Feathery antennae. Backed with felt for sturdiness. Brooch clasp or alligator clip on the underside. Arrives with a handmade drawstring bag: a place to keep your moth when you're not wearing her.

Blood vein. A common name, a descriptive name. Not scientific, but familiar.

The better to remember our most-loved butterflies and moths.


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