Brooch Buff Ermine Tiger Moth Entomology

They were there for the promise of light.

And they were easy to see, silhouetted against the door frame as they came, attracted by the porch light. Hovering, flitting, sweeping past you.

Finally settling, dark silhouettes against the side of the house.

They stayed for a while, in the circle of light, listening as you slurped your cherry snow cones down to the last drop. Counted the blinking fireflies in your jars before setting them free. Observed the bats emerge and take command of the skies overhead. Pleaded for permission to stay out...just 15 minutes more, pretty please with sugar on top? Bolted to play one last game of freeze tag in the darkening yard.

Oh, the stories they could tell.

----------------------------- And you thought no one was listening.

This little moth, of the family Arctiidae, commonly called the Buff Ermine moth (Spilarctia luteum) is a small textile sculpture, which can also be worn a a brooch, or simply displayed in your home.

Product Description:
Fashioned from fabrics cut from the pages of upholstery catalogs, embellished with fake fur and embroidery floss antennae, backed with cotton.

Wingspan 3" and 2" high (7.5 x 5 cm). As a brooch, he'll perch on your shoulder, alight on your scarf, settle on your sleeve. As a sculpture, he'll welcome guests into your home!

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Customer Reviews

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Simply wonderful! It seems to be a real butterfly :-)

Five stars

I can't compliment you enough.


Lovely! Perfect size and so sweet. Thank you!