Monarch Butterfly Brooch Entomology Jewelry


You were born with it. You’ve always felt it. But you’ve drifted away. And you miss that special connection.

Venturing out into the early morning woods with your vials and jars clinking in your backpack, magnifying glass, and field guide at the ready.
Scouring the fields, airy butterfly net resting on your shoulder.
Observing the determined hurry-scurry in your sister’s green plastic and plexiglass ant farm.

These days, it’s more about a quick cup of coffee in the morning, to-do lists and deadlines; And then there are the dentist appointments, soccer games and school plays. Sprinkled with unhurried holidays to share, delectable long weekends to cherish.

Butterfly collecting may be nothing more than a discolored memory, your childhood collection a souvenir stashed in your parents’ attic with the faded carnival prizes, the tatty stuffed animals, the dingy doll house.

It’s time to re-awaken that memory.

These flame-colored beauties are threatened as they make their epic migration across the North American continent. From milkweed destruction (one man’s weed is a certain caterpillar’s sole food source!) to diminished overwintering forest area in Mexico (59% decrease in 2013 compared to 2012), humans have managed to, well, ahem, do it again. Going for short term gain instead of considering the bigger picture.

What can you do?

• create a Monarch way-station
• plant a garden that will delight butterflies of all kinds
• wear a Monarch and start a conversation

Butterfly of the long journey...see where it will take you.

Item details:

Shiny orange silk remnants with black linen, backed with black felt for sturdiness. Tiny seed beads hand stitched to the edges. Black linen body embellished with white French knots, embroidery floss antennae.

Wingspan 5.5", height 2" (13 x 5 cm)

Attach this attention-getting butterfly to your chosen dress, sweater, jacket with the brooch clasp on the back of the wings. 

Join me in donating!

3 euros for each one sold will be donated to The Nature Conservancy, whose work includes protection of habitats in order to “preserve the diversity of life on Earth.”

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A treasure

Amazing workmanship. Perfection in every detail . Thank you for making perfect male markings on my purchase ... ! He is a true treasure to behold ~!!!


I simply adore laura's whimsical pieces, this is hands down one of my favorite shops!