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Comma Butterfly Headband Fascinator Orange and Brown

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So many reasons to fall in love with this butterfly.

Her favorite drink is nectar of thistle. She survives through the winter. Her wings are shaped like fallen leaves, for camouflage. And she has  comma-shaped markings on the underside of her wings.

Product Description:

Orange and dark brown felted wool, a little brown satin too, for this Comma Butterfly, (Polygonia c-album), curvy and speckled, wings open for flight.

Backed with light brown upholstery fabric, with machine-stitched veins, this butterfly is gorgeous and sturdy. A handmade ceramic body, made from terracotta and glazed in transparent caramel-colored glaze, is sewn on like a shiny button and the antennae are embroidery floss.

Wingspan nearly 6" and 3" high. (15 x 7.5 cm) Much bigger than life-sized, all the better to see it, my dear!

This butterfly is mounted on a black satin ribbon wrapped steel headband (3mm) flexible and comfortable to wear. You can wear the butterfly on either side, just slide it around the headband to the position you prefer!

Modern butterfly collecting. No equipment required. No harm done.


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