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Emerald Swallowtail textile brooch entomology jewelry

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You love them for their size and elegance. For the delicate contour of their wings. For their little furry bodies and their big bold hues.

You may have come across one of these while on your trip to Malaysia, or spied one on your last visit to the butterfly zoo: Papilio palinurus, the Emerald Swallowtail, or Emerald Peacock, native to Southeast Asia, butterfly of swift flight, with iridescent green bands on its wings.

Instead of seeing them as a flash of color flitting by. Fluttering a moment, only to vanish...

Catch one of your own.

Product Description:
Wings of black and green vintage fabric, with scraps of green silk, on a felt backing for sturdiness, paired with a hand-sculpted wire and linen body, finished with silk threads and embroidery floss antennae. Brooch clasp on the back.

Wingspan 5” and 3” high. (13 x 7cm)

Made to order- please allow 3-5 working days from receipt of payment to shipping.

You needn’t be a lepidopterist to capture a rare species!


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