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Fiber Art Brooch Metalmark Butterfly

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You needn’t be a lepidopterist to capture a rare species.

This little butterfly loves basking in the sunshine. It flies, twisting and turning, whispering “All the more difficult to catch me, my dear.”

Introducing Crocozona coecias, a metalmark butterfly of the Andes in the family Riodinidae. You may have encountered this one in the pages of your ‘Exotic Butterflies and Moths’ coloring book as a small girl. Or perhaps on a visit to the rainforests of Peru or Bolivia, where she lives. But perhaps not.

Not much is known about the life cycle or feeding habits of this elusive beauty. They’ve been observed resting on ferns in small groups, enjoying the sun, flitting here and there, hiding under leaves for cover from rain.

Here’s your chance to catch one.


Product Description:

As the name Metalmark suggests, metallic accents make this butterfly a shiny, shimmering delight for the eyes (and fingertips).

For this fabric version I’ve created wings of soft black velvet, hand-embroidered with an arc of bright orange and yellow cotton threads, tiny metallic blue French knots, and metallic silver spots on the edges. The body is in linen, complete with embroidery floss antennae and green French knot eyes. Wings are machine-finished, and backed with sturdy felt.

There’s a brooch clasp on the underside, turning this sparkling specimen into a piece of jewelry you’ll wear for many years to come.

Delivered with a handmade drawstring bag, and a little extra: a leaf brooch, wired on the back to be curved and bent as you like, to accompany your metalmark. Wear them together or separately.

Butterfly wingspan: 4 inches; 2.5 inches high (10 x 6.5 cm).
Leaf measures: 3 x 2.25 inches, stem adds another 1.5”. (7.5 x 6 cm + 4cm)

Butterfly collecting from a fresh perspective. No Equipment required.


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