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Embroidered Hoop Art Garden Tiger Moth Insect Fiber Art

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There are times when we want something familiar.
Something we can remember.

Like the moths on a summer evening, silhouetted against the door frame as they came, attracted by the porch light.
Like the Swallowtail butterflies, seeming to appear out of nowhere, surprising you with their gigantic black and yellow striped wings.
And don’t forget the familiar ‘Blues’ (whether you prefer the Eastern Tailed Blue, the Karner Blue or another) always so magical a sighting: calming, ephemeral, little flying jewels of color.

They were one of the (many) reasons you played outdoors as a child. You grew up with them and they are part of the pleasure of spending time in your garden today. They announce the spring and spangle the summer air.

Here is the familiar Garden Tiger Moth (Arctia caja), which lives in Europe, Northern and Central Asia and North America. This one is nocturnal, and you’ve most likely seen it flitting around your porch light on a summer evening.

Product Description:
Embroidered using the free-motion machine embroidery technique in brown, yellow, orange, black and bright blue threads on vintage linen, this familiar (yet remarkable) specimen will complement your collection of nature art prints and paintings.

The wooden hoop measures 5.25 inches (13cm) in diameter and the embroidery is tightly fixed into the frame without glue. The linen is backed with vintage calico and gathered tightly at the back. The hoop hangs by the screw at the top. Included is a linen tag with the scientific name ‘Arctia caja’, hand-embroidered in black floss.

Encounter the extraordinary in ‘common’ species.


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