Giant Leopard Moth Brooch Textile Butterfly

They are there for the promise of light.

And they are easy to see, silhouetted against the door frame as they come, attracted by the porch light. Hovering, flitting, sweeping past you.

Finally settling, dark shapes against the side of the house.

This is the Giant Leopard moth, or Eyed Tiger moth (Hypercompe scribonia), in the Arctiidae family, the largest eastern Tiger moth, found from southern Ontario all the way down to Florida.

Nocturnal flyers, the males are attracted to lights; perhaps you’ve glimpsed one on a summer night.


Product Description:

Fashioned from white linen, this textile version of the Giant Leopard moth has machine embroidered wings: black spots, some hollow, some solid; and a hand-embroidered abdomen: yellow-orange, black and metallic blue. Wings are backed with cotton, brooch clasp underneath the body. Even his face is carefully stitched by hand, antennae in embroidery floss.

Wingspan: 4.5 inches and 2.5 inches high. (11.5 x 6 cm)

He’ll snuggle into a thick scarf or sweater, perch on a hat, or be quite comfortable as a sculpture on your mantelpiece.

He comes with his own handmade drawstring bag.

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Customer Reviews

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Very well made

So beautiful and very well made! I've worn it multiple times since I got it and love it so much <3

Highly recommended

I love this moth brooch! Highly recommended