Beetle Coleoptera Textile Sculpture Handmade from Plum and Blue Silk linen

Your fascination with ancient Egyptian life and myths hasn't faded a bit since you were 10 years old. You can still feel the 100 pounds of library books on ancient Egypt tugging on the shoulder straps of your backpack as you trekked home from the library one warm spring afternoon. The book about Tutankhamon your parents gave you for your birthday that you treasure even today.

Yep, you're smitten.

The sacred scarab, rolling its dung ball behind it, held a kind of magic for the Egyptians.
It was the mirror image of the sun god Ra, rolling the disc of the sun across the sky each day.
Symbolizing creation and rebirth.

Head, pronotum in blue silk and elytra in cotton/silk blend, simulating the tough exoskeleton, six upholstery fabric legs, bead eyes, a linen underside make this beetle, in the order of Coleoptera, a whimsical and rather unusual addition to your home decor.

The body measures 7" long and 6" wide. (18 x 15 cm)  Stuffed with polyfil.

Invite one (or more) into your home. He takes a prominent position in the front room welcoming visitors.


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Customer Reviews

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Just amazing. This isn't just some soft toy or unusual cushion - it really is a little piece of art. Everything from the colours and fabric, right down the legs, are crafted with an eye for detail. I couldn't be happier with the item and look forward to future purchases.