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Hoop Art Embroidered Wasp Machine Embroidery

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Bees get all the credit.

This party crasher has a bad reputation. And gets swatted, smashed, slapped and thwacked.

So here I am to sing their praises.

Did you know?

  • Social wasps kill large numbers of spiders, millipedes and agricultural pests such as caterpillars and aphids, which means fewer toxic pesticides are needed.
  • About 100 species of orchid rely on wasps for pollination; without these wasps, the orchids just wouldn’t be.
  • Wasps also pollinate the flowers they visit for nectar collection, but their contribution to pollination often gets overlooked.
  • Yes, they deliver a painful sting.But their venom may prove to be healing to humans. Research is being done on a chemical found in the venom of a tropical social wasp (Polybia paulista) which destroys certain types of cancerous cells.

Product Details

Here’s a non-threatening wasp, drawn in black thread onto a floral printed cotton fabric, using the free-motion embroidery technique. The hoop measures 4.5 inches in diameter (11cm) and is ready to hang by the screw at the top. Included is a piece of ribbon you can also use to hang it.
She will be right at home with your collection of nature inspired art.

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