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Hoop Embroidery Tarantula Hawk Wasp

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A striking beauty with a paralyzing sting.

Sound like anyone you know?

Well, yes, as a matter of fact, and you are probably still in love with her.

And who wouldn’t be? slender blue-black body, with a wasp waist, of course. vivid orange-yellow wings. Legs that are long and strong.

This powerful lady tackles tarantulas to the ground, delivers her numbing sting, drags the stupefied arachnid to her nest and lays her egg. The wasp larvae that hatch feed on the live tarantula, pupate, and later emerge as adults.

Her sting is the considered the second most painful in the world, but she’s not aggressive. If you don’t bother her, she won’t attack.

She’s a super-mom on a mission.

State Insect series: This lovey, the tarantula hawk wasp (Pepsis grossa), has held the title of official state insect of New Mexico since 1989!

Product Description:
I created this hoop art version using both free-motion embroidery and hand embroidery with many different threads, onto vintage linen. It is lined with vintage cotton, tightly secured in a 5 inch diameter (13cm) wooden hoop, and is ready to hang by the screw on top. You will find an embroidered name tag (Pepsis grossa) tucked into the back, but not attached.

She will be right at home with your collection of nature inspired art.

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