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Ladybird Ladybug Beetle vintage silk soft sculpture

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According to one legend, in the Middle Ages in Europe, crops were being destroyed by insects. After praying to the Virgin for help, the farmers saw the beetles devour the pests and thus save their crops. The beetles came to be known as our lady’s birds or ladybirds, (changed to ladybugs in the US) the red wing-casings representing Mary’s cloak and the spots her joys and sorrows.

In the Coccinellidae family, these beetles can found all over the world. Ladybirds are lucky in many cultures. For the Japanese, the luckiest are those with seven spots. In French folklore, if a ladybird beetle landed on you, whatever ailment you had would fly away as the insect flew away. And, if you hold a Ladybird in your hand while making a wish, the direction towards which it flies away shows where your luck will come from!

Whether or not you believe they will bring you luck, these silk lady beetles are for the collector.

Product Description:
Their dome-shaped bodies, made from Japanese kimono silk, with linen and cotton, are about 2” in diameter and stand 1.25” high. They have glass bead eyes, wire legs, embroidery floss antennae.

Choose solid red silk beetle or the “flower power” vintage silk beetle, both with seven lucky spots!

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