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Metalmark Fabric Butterfly Brooch Starry Night

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You needn’t be a lepidopterist to capture a rare species!

You may have encountered this one in the pages of your ‘Exotic Butterflies and Moths' coloring book as a small girl. Not very colorful, but those markings...’the night sky in miniature,’ you mused.

The Starry Night Metalmark, (Echydna punctata), Amazonian butterfly, lover of damp forest paths on cloudy days. They tend to assemble in groups, settling on low vegetation to sip dissolved minerals.

Product Description:

Wear this fabric version for its celestial symbolism of good luck, (plus a reminder of that coloring book). Made from black linen, hand embroidered with white Danish and French knots, machine finished, backed with felt. Brooch clasp on the underside.

Wingspan 4.25 in and 2.5 in high. (10.5 x 6 cm)

Whenever you can’t look overhead to contemplate the stars...

observe the night sky captured in the wings of a butterfly.

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