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Monstera deliciosa brooch, Textile Jewelry

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You’re partial to plants, a pushover for foliage, flamboyant or not.

Well then, this variegated Monstera deliciosa leaf brooch is right up your alley.

This textile version is a single shapely leaf, half yellow and green brocade, half dark green satin.  These are upholstery fabric remnants with a comely sheen to them.  

A beige and gold ladybug lounges on the green half of the leaf.

The leaf is backed with tan felt for sturdiness, the edges, openings and veins have been machine stitched, and there’s a short stem. A brooch clasp is sewn onto the back.

Length: 3.5 inches (9.5 cm) + approx. 1.5 inches (4cm) of stem.

Width: 3.25 inches (8 cm).


Accentuate your summer style with this luscious leaf!

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