Periodical Cicada Fiber Art Magicicada septendecim Textile Sculpture

My own personal encounter with these creatures occurred when I was nine at a family picnic. Just when I thought I was safe eating my potato salad from my paper plate, the bugs were mostly in the trees after all, one landed abruptly on my arm and another was quickly on my plate.

I didn’t speak French back then, but if I had, I would have cried out with

THE perfect expression for the situation: ‘Quelle horreur!’

If someone had told me more about them, their story, perhaps that would have calmed my fears. Or maybe not. But today, I appreciate them.

Their story is a real-life mysterious sleeping beauty tale, a long time of absence, followed by a sudden dramatic appearance, en masse.

And there is a lot to love about the Magicicada septendecim.

They don’t swarm, sting or bite.
They aren’t poisonous.
Their burrowing aerates the ground, and their decaying bodies add nutrients to the soil.
They are mostly harmless, although they can damage young trees. (Cover your saplings with netting during their visit.)
Their story is unparalleled in the animal kingdom, to be told and marvelled at again and again.

And their red eyes are astonishing!

Product Description:

This soft sculpture periodical cicada was made just for you, the true cicada lover.

Black linen, golden silk and shiny sheer fabric embroidered with orange wing veins make this little creature very similar to a real-life cicada. His body is plump, he has 4 wings, he stands on wire legs, and yes, he’s got lustrous red glass bead eyes, all the better to see you with, of course!

He comes with his own embroidered brocade leaf to rest upon, because, this one, unlike a real one, will be with you for a long time to come!

The cicada is 4” long (10cm) including his wings, approx 2” wide (5cm), and stands approx 2.5” high (6cm), including wings.
Leaf measures 7” long and 4.5” wide (18x11.5 cm) and the stem adds another 6” (15cm) to the length.

For the true cicada lover.


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