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Pink Princess Philodendron Headband, Botanical Fascinator

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The one you’ve been dreaming of.

No, not Prince Charming.

She’s a veritable work of art.

With far more fans than The Mona Lisa.

Passionate pink side by side with judicious green.

Yes, I’m talking about your beloved Pink Princess Philodendron (Philodendron erubescens). Or maybe you have more than one.


Product Description:

This is but a textile rendering of a Pink Princess leaf, no contest for Mother Nature’s handiwork. Nonetheless, I have tried to capture one shapely leaf of this plant: her pleasing curves and her dramatic colors. I have used pink silk next to a heavier green upholstery fabric, cut from a sample. The leaf is backed with felt for sturdiness, and the stem, made from repurposed piping, has been hand embroidered with pink and green floss.

Leaf length: 5.5 inches (13.5cm)
Leaf width: 4 inches (9cm)

Stem length: 2inches (5cm)

The leaf is mounted on a brown satin ribbon wrapped steel headband (3mm) which is flexible and comfortable to wear. You can slide the leaf along the headband to the position you prefer!


If you can’t get enough of her beauty, this Pink Princess leaf is just what you need.



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