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Tailed butterfly mask in blue upholstery fabric

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Just the magical ingredient you need to flawlessly finish your costume.

Even before your party, you’ll enjoy the anticipation. Like when your 7-year-old brother tried on his batman costume and refused to take if off at bedtime, eating, sleeping & dreaming batman. From the moment your mask arrives, the fairy tale charm will enchant you. Try it on, and you’re ready for your close-up!

Once you arrive at your masquerade ball,

the other guests will have serious mask envy!

Everyone will admire this original hand-crafted mask, made with sumptuous upholstery fabrics, the highlight of your costume, which in turn elevates you to ... the focal point of the party!

Product Description:
It’s lightweight and comfortable, made from upholstery fabric, machine stitched contours, hand embroidered eye-openings. Lined with felt and its ribbon ties can be fastened so your mask feels just right. 7 inch wingspan and 3.5 inches high with linen ties extending 20 inches on each side.

You might lose one of your slippers, but you may just want to keep this mask on all night.

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