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Silk Moth Tau Emperor Fiber Art Brooch Entomology Jewelry

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So you thought moths were dull?

For all its typical moth qualities, such as rounded furry body, feathery antennae, and wings held flat when resting, this European silk moth, Tau Emperor (Aglia tau, family: Saturniidae) is anything but dull!

Product Description:

The rich golden yellow of the wings shows off the bright blue eye spots on upper and lower wings, the graphic chocolate brown markings fading toward the outer edges. The furry head is topped with feather-like antennae.

I’ve fashioned this fabric specimen from upholstery fabrics, used machine and hand embroidery to render the markings and added fake fur on the head. Backed with off-white felt.

It’s a bit bigger than life size with a wing span of 5 inches or 13 cm. There’s a brooch clasp sewn onto the back.

Butterfly collecting from a fresh perspective. No equipment required.

Join me in donating! 3 euros for each one sold will be donated to The Nature Conservancy, whose work includes protection of habitats in order to “preserve the diversity of life on Earth.”

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