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White Luna Moth Brooch Created in Collaboration with Nuit Clothing Atelier

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The long winter night is approaching, its dark cloak offering protection and comfort.

Usually not the season for insect sighting.

But please take a closer look.

Fabric remnants from your best-loved NUIT Clothing Atelier garments have arrived on my work table in Lyon, France, for these collaborative pieces.

In line with NUIT’s policies of minimal waste, conscious design practices, and our own mission to create using luxurious leftover textiles, these fabrics from Toronto have been layered, assembled, sewn and embroidered, the tiniest piece put to use to bring to life a series of silkmoth brooches, just for you.

Product Description:

The Luna moth, ghost white, long, long tails, furry body and feathery antennae, subtle blue and black details. She is cut from cotton gauze, machine and hand stitched with embroidered details.  Brooch clasp on the underside. Delivered in a hand-sewn drawstring bag.

Wingspan 5 inches (13cm) length, 5.5 inches (14cm).

Let her nestle on your cowl or scarf, catch a ride on your shoulder or sleeve.

Creatures of the (summer) night are here to accompany you throughout the winter.

Made to order. Please allow 5-8 working days for us to make your moth.

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