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April 16, 2013

desert locusts

I’ve been selected to participate in the local salon ID d’Art, (mode et accessoires) taking place here in Lyon, May 24 through 26.  It was very exciting when I got the news! But then the tasks of coming up with a theme & props, deciding what to take, and actually making everything quickly overwhelmed me. So after making a list of products to take, from best-sellers to new ideas, to some lower-priced items, I began working through the piles of sewing, but also making the props to highlight my nature theme.

orange and cerulean

As you can tell from the name, I use orange (or brownish-orange) and blue for my business, so I’ve decided to stick with those colors.  I checked out a lot of display ideas on the internet, ready-made displays for all types of products, and also DIY ideas, but I really want to have an original style, so I’m going to use branches of different sizes.

Some branches will be standing in terracotta vases or pots.

hanging butterflies

Others will be directly on the table for the cicadas and beetles to climb on.

cicadas and beetles on branches

Two or three other larger branches will be in the corners of the booth for some larger insects and creatures to rest on.

I found the branches in the park the days after heavy winds, before the gardeners cleaned up. After sanding, I put on a coat of primer, and then two coats of acrylic paint.  As for the terracotta pots, I’m still looking for inexpensive unfinished pots, that is if I don’t end up making my own!

I love natural history museum displays and you can see the desert locusts photographed in London (photo above) which inspired my branches for the cicadas. This is only part 1, I have a lot of painting, sewing and sculpting to do. And figure out how to get the cicadas to stay on the branches! Come back in a couple of weeks to see how it’s going.



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