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November 01, 2020

The “dread reign of Cholera” he calls it.

Poe was referring to an epidemic of cholera in 1832, which causes his protagonist to leave New York City and spend a fortnight with a relative.

These days, we can relate.

As I write, this is the last day when citizens of France can return to their homes after the school holiday, or take refuge in their country homes before what will be the second national Covid 19 lockdown, and which will last at least for a month.

The Sphinx by Edgar Poe in paperback form

In Poe’s short story, The Sphinx, the protagonist and his relative, receive frequent news of fatalities caused by the epidemic in the city, the deaths of friends and acquaintances, which leads to gloomy feelings and a somber mood, despite the summertime activities available to them at the cottage on the banks of the Hudson River.

The protagonist falls deeper and deeper into gloominess as he reads a certain book he has found in his host’s library. Contrary to his host’s more pragmatic approach to life, our protagonist is superstitious and agrees with the then popular belief in omens.

We follow his reactions as he falls prey to his fears. But I don’t want to retell Poe’s story. It’s a tale that you’ll enjoy reading.

The story is about how our own perspective, our worldview, our closeness to a situation comes into play as we interpret the events of our lives. Or seek inspiration. Or choose our next steps. 

I’m trying not to let the current pandemic and local lockdown paralyze me with fear, plague me with nightmares or keep me from making beautiful objects. And I’m wishing you the same.  

Sewing up some textile moths is very relaxing. The shape is inspired by hawk moths ( Sphingidae), and you can make them dark and mysterious, lighthearted and playful, boldly colorful and fun or anything else you desire.

If you'd like to make one or a few, you can download the pattern below.

Click here to download the pattern with instructions.

And give yourself a short break from the 24-hour news cycle.

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