February 12, 2021

This isn’t an embroidery pattern for Valentine’s Day. Not really.

Whether or not the origins of the day are to be found in the ancient Romans’ mid-February feast of Lupercalia, (which included a matchmaking lottery!), today we can choose to widen our perspective on love to include more than just the romantic kind.

And, since many of us are nudged towards expressing our love through gifts in mid-February (admittedly, we can use all the gifts we can get, or give ourselves, these days ) I thought it might be the moment to offer you a lighthearted embroidery pattern:

 A couple of inseparable love bugs.

It’s suitable for a beginner, featuring the stem stitch, the back stitch, the chain stitch, all basic stitches, plus the raised stem stitch and the French knot, both of which I demonstrated last week on my facebook live.



So download the pattern, make yourself a cup of tea, start stitching up these charming bugs, (don’t forget to add some silver threads for sparkle), and your hoop art will be ready to hang on the wall in no time.

A memento of your amaranthine adoration of arthropods.

Click here to download your free pattern.

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Happy Stitching!

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