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September 20, 2013



flower power ladybird

I wonder if many people have lucky objects, a lucky charm that goes everywhere with them to turn events in their favor, avert danger or just for general protection. Like the lucky rabbit’s foot.

Even if you don’t have a good luck charm, I’m sure you’re delighted when you find a four-leaf clover, or when you get the longer part of the wishbone, or when a ladybug lands on you.  I’ll take any luck that comes my way!

I’ve made some silk ladybug soft sculptures and of course I did a little research on why they are considered lucky.


According to one legend, in the Middle Ages in Europe, crops were being destroyed by insects. After praying to the Virgin for help, the farmers saw the beetles devour the pests and thus save their crops.  The beetles came to be known as our lady’s birds or ladybirds, (changed to ladybugs in the US) the red wing-casings representing Mary’s cloak and the spots her joys and sorrows.

 In the Coccinellidae family, these beetles can found all over the world. And they are are lucky in many cultures.  

For the Japanese, the luckiest are those with seven spots.

In French folklore, if a ladybird beetle landed on you, whatever ailment you had would fly away as the insect flew away.  

If you hold a  Ladybird  in your hand while making a wish,  the direction towards which it flies away  shows where your luck will come from!

How about you, what is your lucky charm?






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