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July 22, 2013


My new collection of hair accessories is Alice in Wonderland meets Maria Sibylla Merian, the 17th century botantical artist who carefully observed insects directly and documented their lifecycles. Her drawings and engravings are still collected today!

A mixture of fantasy and authenticity.

In other words, you can wear these accessories in your hair for your very important tea party, but also as you go about your daily activities, even if you’re not an entomologist!

dragonfly hair forks

Adorn your locks with flora and fauna, mix and match, tiny or over-sized butterflies, moths, dragonflies, leaves in satin, velvet, moire, lace, silk.

leaf hair comb

Japanese fabric hair clip

Check out the collection and tell me what you think! Any specific butterfly you’d love to wear in your hair?

Japanese dragonflyps.  there’s a code for free shipping in my next newsletter, coming out tomorrow, Tuesday July 23, 2013.  Subscribe below !


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