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June 11, 2013


Having recently participated in a Fashion and Accessory Salon here in Lyon, I’m still a bit excited and exhilarated.  I had a great time.  But apparently this wasn’t the case for everyone.

The salon organizers  held a get-together for the exhibitors on the evening of the second day of the three-day event, a typical aperitif in the French style (they do those so well) with beautiful and tasty canapés, pitchers of Sangria, water and juice catered by The Rolling Cantine, a local food truck.  Conversation was lively for these exhibitors who had just spent two days on their feet. And they seemed to fall into two groups: those who had made lots of sales and those who hadn’t. It didn’t help that the number of visitors was down this year compared to previous years.


This was my first time participating in this salon, and I must admit,  I hoped for more sales.  However, I consider it to have been a success in terms of other goals:

1. I got lots of subscribers for my new French language monthly newsletter.  I already publish a newsletter in English, but this leaves out many French speakers who don’t read English, or who are just more comfortable in French.  Now, I have the challenge of writing in what is for me a foreign language!

2. A few shops are interested in carrying my work.  I have to get my winter line in tip top shape to present to these local shops this summer.

3. Lots of new product ideas: Japanese good luck beetles and dragonflies in silk, insects for hat decoration in a partnership with a hat designer, and hair accessories, to name a few.


So, I still came away with some value, even if it wasn’t in the form of tons of sales and I hope the other exhibitors reached their non-sales goals.

What goals do you set for a craft fair or salon?



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