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May 21, 2013

It’s now three days from the show and I’m nearly finished with the preparations I began writing about in Part 1.

On my fantasy forest theme, I’ve been collecting and painting branches for a few weeks.  The branches of different sizes also allow me to display my creatures on various levels, making it visually more interesting and less confusing for prospective customers.

Level 1: On the table will be one or more branches for the cicadas and small baskets for hair clips and rings.





Level 2: Vases filled with branches as a support for butterflies and moths. I was able to try out my vases at a pop up show in Paris a couple of weeks ago.  I had only a table and a backdrop, rather than a booth with walls, so the branches in the vases became a second level.  Hanging from the branches, the butterflies swayed slightly with the air currents.


Level 3: Larger branches attached to the walls, allowing me to spread out my creatures even more.

branches id d'art

The goal is to make a booth that is visually attractive and coherent without being overcrowded with stuff.I’m hoping that my colorful forest and gently swaying butterflies will make visitors want to come in, get a closer look and possibly even take something home!



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