May 27, 2011


Here we are for this month’s merry-go-round post: eleven women who write about one topic, each from her own perspective.

This time we are writing about a photo that affects us in some way.

I really love looking at this photo, a sunflower, taken by Emi at f2images. Its colors calm me. Its tiny details intrigue me. The texture makes me want to run my fingers over it. The aged aspect of the photo attracts me. Even though this flower is not at the height of its beauty, its beauty still shines through. A little faded, a little withered.

Decay fascinates no less than flowering beauty.

Don’t forget to check out the other members’ photos. We are in different time zones, so if their post isn’t up yet, please come back a little later!

Monika at Red2White
Ruth at Birdland Creations
Kim at Vilt a la Kim
Sara at Crafts of Texture
Mariana at Florcita
Agathe at Le Bar du Vent
Mitsy at ArtMind
Jen at Painted Fish Studio
Samantha at Vintage is for Lovers
Bethany at Dirksen Dabbles


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