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June 24, 2011


It’s time for this month’s merry-go-round post, where eleven women write about one topic.

This month, we’re taking inspiration from last month’s photos. I was inspired by Kim’s photo of the aquilegia flowerin her garden.

Some pink silk, upholstery fabric for the leaves, and wire stems. I looked at some illustrations of the flower to see how the leaves are shaped, and made a prototype from linen. And I came up with two silk flowers.

I even kept the pattern, so I can make more! Just in case you didn’t click on Kim’s photo above, here it is:

Don’t forget to check the other merry-go-round members’ posts. We’re in different time zones, so please check back if a post isn’t up yet!

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Ruth at Birdland Creations
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Sara at Crafts of Texture
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Agathe at Le Bar du Vent
Mitsy at ArtMind
Jen at Painted Fish Studio
Samantha at Vintage is for Lovers
Bethany at Dirksen Dabbles


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